Vanya Stancheva
1 week ago
My bought young children have been seen by lovely dentist Miss Chopra, such a talent professional. Always smile and friendly with them. One of the visit was a nurse call Eli, very kind with great approach towards children. Receptionist staff supportive and quick sort any issues. Recently has been renovated, clean and modern! Thank you!
Maria Picardo
2 weeks ago
I would highly recommend Feltham Dental Care. I have been with them for over 2 years now. I had an appointment this mornng, both Dentist Meena and Nurse Laxmi were amazing. Also, the staff at the Reception are very welcoming, friendly and helpful especially Angela.
Victoria Grice
2 weeks ago
Highly recommend! My dentist Sharandeep is amazing. I sometimes get nervous going to the dentist but she is always so kind and gentle making the whole experience a lot less stressful! Reception staff are always polite and welcoming too. Appointments offered quickly. Great Dental Practice.
pamela hippolyte
2 weeks ago
My appointment was at 11 20 and for some reasons on that day there was a long wait for the buses, I have to get 2 buses to get there and it was a rainy day as well. I tried calling the practice to let them know that I was running late but when I called a man would answer and he wasn't from the practice. So I reached there at 11 50 and I apologised to the receptionist, explained what happened and asked her to rebook my appointment. She then sent a message to the dentist, asked her if she was going to see me or if she had to rebook my appointment and much to my surprise, she agreed to see me. I was very grateful that they were helpful both the receptionist and the dentist and that I was seen even though I was late. I have been going to Feltham dentist for I think about 15 years and am very happy everybody is polite, helpful and professional. Even my 4 years old daughter likes to go with me because they are so nice to her and give her stickers. A very big thank you to everyone and I am proud of you all and thank you for seeing me on that day.
Shal's G
1 month ago
Dr Amelia Pidgeon is amazing and so caring with my children.

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