Hasna El-Nakla
3 months ago
I had gone to Discovery Dental Care after receiving treatment elsewhere that I was not very happy with. Dr Angela Watson listened to all my concerns and delivered results better than I had hoped for. I appreciate Angela for being so re-assuring and checking I was satisfied throughout every step of the treatment journey. Thank you so much to Angela and the Discovery Dental Care team for the amazing service and care!
Jordon Brown
3 months ago
After some negative experiences with dentistry early in my life, I have been anxious and nervous about going to a dentist since. However, Angela Watson at Discovery Dental Care helped me feel completely comfortable and at ease during my examination and my fillings. She told me which tool she would use next and how it would feel against my teeth each time, and explained the procedure before and during, and this made it very easy for me to stay relaxed during the work. Also a big thank you to all the other staff for their patience, care, and friendly attitude. My teeth are healthier than ever now - and I don't feel so afraid anymore!
Terri Davidson
4 months ago
I have recently finished my Invisalign treatment, the results have been amazing and Angela has been brilliant every step of the way!
Conor Sim
5 months ago
Sandra Ashworth
5 months ago
I swithered about getting Invisalign for years.. and this year I took the plunge. I wish Iā€™d done it years ago. The results are spectacular and Angela has been amazing to work with.. Highly recommend it. šŸ’•

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