Louise Thom
1 month ago
10/10 service from Discovery Dental Care; got my Invisalign treatment with Angela and cannot fault the process at all. Angela & team were upfront with all costs, requirements, expected progress & speedy check-in's after each aligner change. Dental nurses made me feel at ease every visit. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Louise Thom
1 month ago
Got my Invisalign through Discovery Dental Care and it's been a dream from start to finish. Angela was upfront about requirements/costs, checked in promptly with every aligner change and made me feel completely at ease with the whole process. Very very pleased with the results
3 months ago
This is the best dentist experience I’ve had. I’ve never liked going to dentists in general and after a negative experience I avoided getting treatment. I’m so pleased to have found this practice. Angela is a great dentist and makes you feel at ease and always takes time to provide the best advice and care. The nurses and the girls at the front desk are always helpful, friendly and welcoming too. I needed a fair bit of treatment but I’m very pleased with the results. Thanks to Angela and team I’ve got a better attitude towards my dental health and my anxiety about dentists too! Thanks very much ! :)
4 months ago
I’ve just completed Invisalign tooth straightening, some minor cosmetic tooth bonding and tooth whitening to improve my smile and oral health overall. Throughout the treatment Dr Angela Watson and the whole team of nurses, hygienists and receptionists have been wonderful. From the outset of the treatment everything was carefully planned to a timescale, thoroughly explained to me and the costs fixed. Invisalign removable aligners really suited me because I was able to remove them for cleaning and flossing and they were hardly noticeable to others and I soon got used to wearing them. Throughout the treatment Angela was really supportive and encouraging and always responded straightaway with feedback on my progress. At the last appointment recently Angela was as delighted with the outcome as I was and I would not hesitate to recommend her and her team to anyone considering this or other dental work in Dundee.
Morgan Spence
5 months ago
Absolutely wonderful staff, both in their skills and attitude to their work. Extremely happy with the work I’ve had on my teeth so far. I had an unfortunate experience where I started to panic as I was laying down and without hesitation I was being talked to gently and offered to leave free of any cancel charge. These unfortunate things happen sometimes in life but it’s simply not a problem with such wonderful people. Massively appreciative of the kindness I’ve been shown again and again here. I’d give 10 stars if I could
Hasna El-Nakla
10 months ago
I had gone to Discovery Dental Care after receiving treatment elsewhere that I was not very happy with. Dr Angela Watson listened to all my concerns and delivered results better than I had hoped for. I appreciate Angela for being so re-assuring and checking I was satisfied throughout every step of the treatment journey. Thank you so much to Angela and the Discovery Dental Care team for the amazing service and care!
Jordon Brown
10 months ago
After some negative experiences with dentistry early in my life, I have been anxious and nervous about going to a dentist since. However, Angela Watson at Discovery Dental Care helped me feel completely comfortable and at ease during my examination and my fillings. She told me which tool she would use next and how it would feel against my teeth each time, and explained the procedure before and during, and this made it very easy for me to stay relaxed during the work. Also a big thank you to all the other staff for their patience, care, and friendly attitude. My teeth are healthier than ever now - and I don't feel so afraid anymore!
Terri Davidson
1 year ago
I have recently finished my Invisalign treatment, the results have been amazing and Angela has been brilliant every step of the way!
Sandra Ashworth
1 year ago
I swithered about getting Invisalign for years.. and this year I took the plunge. I wish I’d done it years ago. The results are spectacular and Angela has been amazing to work with.. Highly recommend it. 💕
Justine Hutton
1 year ago
Receiving fillings after poor experience at another dentist and the knowledge and care I received was a shock. The environment was welcoming, the staff were happy and chatty and the procedures made me a lot more confident.
Richard Malham
1 year ago
Angela is very professional and personable, an excellent dentist - all the staff are lovely, friendly and great at their jobs. So glad I moved to Discovery dental.
Lucy Fisher
1 year ago
I have recently completed my Invisalign treatment under the care of Angela Watson and her team. Angela's knowledge and level of care was exceptional and her team of dental nurses were always happy to answer any questions and queries I had regarding my treatment. I would recommend this practice for any dental needs, including Invisalign. Thank you for all your time and effort. 10/10.
Alasdair Newlands
1 year ago
I was absolutely terrified about going to any dentist after a very bad experience when I was young. Going to this dentist honestly changed my life, can't thank or praise them enough.
Eva Ferrin
1 year ago
I used to be terrified of the dentist but working with Angela, I have been able to complete Invisiline treatment and composite bonding to get my dream smile! We planned my treatment out together and I had a rough estimate of when things would be completed by and Angela was so transparent about the process and the cost. We got my teeth healthy before we did any cosmetic work and Angela always took her time to explain the process to me- especially when she used the drills as that used to cause a lot of anxiety! The atmosphere was always so welcoming and the entire team were always smiling and chatting away which really did help my nerves throughout the entire process! I genuinely cannot recommend Angela and all the dental nurses enough and I cannot stop smiling either!
Jake Seath
1 year ago
After avoiding the dentist for over 14 years due to fear and trauma from a previous surgery I decided to pluck up the courage to return for some much needed repair work on broken, dead and rotted teeth. After researching the highest rated for fearful patients, Discovery Dental Care came out on top every time. After the initial phone call I was reassured from the lovely receptionist and I felt confident for the first time in a long time. I attended my first review and was given a treatment plan that was quick, easy and affordable. Angela and her staff have the patience, understanding and care every fearful patient needs and after only 4 days my entire smile has been fixed and I feel confident for the first time in over a decade. I've recommended this dental practice to every one of my friends and family and they're rushing to sign up.
Maria Barty
1 year ago
I have recently finished my implant treatment. My dentist Angela had very informative discussions with me to let me know what treatment entailed. After a discussion she referred me to a specialist in Crieff who did all the preparation work and then the process was completed at Discovery Dental care by Angela. All the treatment appointments were tailored to suit my needs. I find all the staff very professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending this dental practice for both private and NHS treatments.
Nicole Cameron
1 year ago
I can't thank Angela enough for the treatment she provided me with, I was made to feel at ease and I really appreciated the time, concentration and effort that went into my treatment. I am delighted with the result.
Juliet Kathleen
1 year ago
I hadn't been to a proper dentist for about 10 years since I moved to Dundee and i was anxious to go back, but I knew I needed a filling. Discovery Dental was recommended to me as being very non-judgemental and patient with anxious patients. They were exactly as I hoped they'd be and more. The dentists were very kind, explained everything they were doing and worked with me to come up with a dental plan to suit me. This practise was recommended to me and I want to recommend it to as many people as I can. They are brilliant for people who are having trouble finding a new, understanding dentist.
Julia Hoq
1 year ago
Amazing experience and excellent result!! Dott Angela did her work perfectly and she knows really well what is the best result for you! Really happy with my treatment and everything.
Katy McAllister
2 years ago
Absolutely wonderful experience with Dr Watson and her nursing staff. I needed extensive work done including a complex root canal, large filling and a set of X-rays. All performed with a highly competent, professional and compassionate attitude and approach. I was particularly comfortable and reassured with this being a female led practice and have recommended the practice to several other colleagues and friends as a result; especially those with previous negative experiences or anxiety around dental care.